How to Take Your Unique Impression | The Sleep Guardian

Your Unique Impression

Once your order is placed you will receive your DIY Home Impression Kit to create your impressions in the convenience and comfort of your home. Once our qualified dental technicians receive your finished impression they’ll custom make your device in our state-of-the-art dental lab in Melbourne. You'll receive your finished anti-snoring device within 5-9 business days of us receiving your impression.

Taking your impression at home is much easier than you think! It’s a simple process that will help The Sleep Guardian be fitted to your teeth, reducing any rubbing or discomfort, and providing optimal comfort and results in treating snoring. Many people find that doing their own impression is a more pleasant experience then visiting the dentist and having someone else fussing around in your mouth.

Don't worry, If your impression is not quite right, we'll send more putty out to you so you can try again, until you get it just right.

To learn more about the impression process here is a video to help you get
the right impression.