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Win A Custom Made Anti-Snoring Device


Do you or your partner snore? We're giving you the opportunity to win a custom made Anti-Snoring Device and AM Repositioner valued at $599.95. We even have a couple of prizes for the runners up - a 40% and 30% for those that come 2nd and 3rd, respectively. 

According to the Australian Dental Association "95% of people will have an improvement in the level of their snoring when using an oral appliance". And the Silensor-sl® design anti-snoring device, which we make, has helped over 4 million people world-wide. It's one of the most effective ways of stopping snoring available. 

A custom Silensor-sl® and the AM Repositioning device. 

To enter the draw, simply complete the form below. The draw starts on 7th March and ends 14th March. You can only enter once and must be over 18 years. Also, please ensure you provide a valid email address and phone number otherwise we can't notify you if you win. For full terms and conditions go here