Testimonials – The Sleep Guardian


I purchased a Sleep Guardian a while back now and I believe I have now used it long enough to give an informed review. When I first received the mouthguard I found it was too loose and wouldn’t stay on my bottom teeth. As such I sent an email to the customer support team who got in touch straight away to organise for me to send it back to get adjusted. I received the fixed unit in a very timely manner. I'm a pretty heavy teeth grinder and moderate snorer and since using the mouthguard I have found that I sleep a great deal better and I no longer wake up with a sore jaw or dry mouth. Lawrence Oswald

My wife has complained about my snoring for years. The human chainsaw she called me! Well, that was then. Ever since I started wearing one of these Sleep Guardian snoring things I barely snore at all. It's done the job. And I'm use to sleeping in it now. Jack, QLD

Soooooo we bought this 2 weeks ago but my boyfriend is fifo. So i haven't had him next to me. His snoring is normally so bad that i wear bose noise cancelling head phones.First night home and he is laying next to me and he is so much quieter. That even the cat is on the bed. Thank you. Snoring reduced by 90%. Tania Bristow

I started using the Sleep Guardian 2 months ago, I feel I have used it long enough now to really say how pleased I am with it. Initially when I received it, I found it to be a little tight on my top front teeth. After speaking with customer service, who were really helpful, I returned it for some slight adjustment and they literally had it back to me within days. Being a serious snorer and having been diagnosed with sleep apnea, before using the Guardian I hadn’t felt like I’d experienced a good nights sleep for over ten years. I bought a CPAP machine (for around $2,500) a few years ago but only lasted a week using it as it was just so clumsy, noisy and uncomfortable. This has been a game changer for me. Thanks guys. - Julian Jarman

I found that it works well. It’s price is what attracted me, $500 compared to a quote of over $2500 for the same thing via a dentist. I have used it for about 4 months and no issues. I’d recommend to anyone. - Chris

Great little device and excellent service. I have previously used a very expensive dentist fitted device. This was much cheaper and much more comfortable to wear, especially being able to open my mouth to speak. I was glad that I asked for the different sized adjuster arms though as I needed to work right up to the max setting. It would have been very inconvenient to have had to keep posting it back to be adjusted as suggested. The arms are a bit fiddly to change but not that difficult. My previous mandibular splint had a screw adjuster which is convenient but tends to move and get furred up. - Martin Rice

I’m relived to have a restful sleep each night since I received the SG a week ago. I also started to accustom with it after the first two nights of trying to adjust it. The SG is a life saver for me personally as the Sleep Apnea highly poses a health risk. Thanks - Nofovaleane Mapusua

I purchased this product for my father, he needed one however the prices we were getting back from dentist etc was very expensive, thousands of dollars and not a very simple process.What I liked was the customer service, the person I was in communication with at the sleep guardian told me I had a money back guarantee so I had nothing to lose.My dad said the guard fits fine and he now sleeps in the same room as my mother after many years sleeping apart - William Sommerset :)

You have changed my life , it took me two nights to get use to wearing the guard , I have been using it for 2 weeks , I have stopped snoring completely, I have never felt better , best thing I ever did. thank you - Gail Anna Kolak

I have been using The Sleep Guardian for over six months and have found it very effective in giving me much better sleep time and I am having no fatigue through the day from lack of sleep. I am no longer constantly waking during the night. - Jim Rosewell