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How We Are Different

Traditionally, to buy an anti-snoring device like ours, your sleep specialist would take the impression, send it off to a dental lab, and then fit it. With our custom device, you don't even need to leave the comfort of your home to stop snoring! 

We send the impression kit to you, you do the impression and send it back, we manufacture your custom Silensor-sl® in our lab in Melbourne, and then we send it back to you. What this means, is you save money and it's more convenient. 

Don't worry, If your impression is not quite right, we'll send more putty out to you so you can try again, until you get it just right. 

Check out the follow process below:

In this video, we walk you step by step through The Sleep Guardian process, from ordering your Home Impression Kit to receiving your finished anti-snoring device.

Step 1: Order Your Kit

Order your easy DIY Home Impression Kit online and you’ll receive it via Express Post in a few days.

Step 2: Take Your Impression

For a snug, comfortable fit, watch this video to learn how to take an accurate impression of both your top and bottom jaw.

Step 3: Return Your Impression

A reply paid address is provided with your kit, simply write the address provided on a satchel or print  it out and stick it on your sealed kit. 

Download your Reply Paid label here.

anti-snore device delivered with fast free postage and tracking

Step 4: Your Anti-Snoring Custom Mouth Guard Is Made

Our team of experienced dental technicians will manufacture your anti-snoring device from quality, durable materials.

anti-snoring device custom made in dental lab in melbourne

Step 5: Receive Your Completed Anti-Snoring Device

Once we receive your finished impression, it will take up to 10 working days to manufacture, then allow 1-3 business days to receive your completed device.

Unlike cheap gimmicks that are one-size-fits-all, our anti-snoring mouth guard is custom-made to fit your mouth and provide an affordable, effective remedy for snoring. By gently repositioning your jaw and opening up your airways, this style of device is what sleep specialists recommend for snorers, or people with night-time breathing issues.

Usually you’d need several appointments with a dentist to get a custom mouth guard. This can be expensive, even with private health insurance. By using the same technology, but eliminating the need for costly, inconvenient dental sessions, we can offer the same outcome at a far more competitive price.

To order your anti-snoring mouthguard, go to our product page. If you have any questions, feel free to click on the live chat button below.

The Silensor-sl® is a trademark of ERKODENT®.