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How To Use The Silensor-sl® Anti-Snoring Device

This anti-snoring device treats snoring by advancing the lower jaw, which keeps the airways open. The appliance is custom made to measure, for you and consists of
an upper blue and a lower green splint.

Instructions For Daily Use

Important: always clean your teeth thoroughly before inserting the appliance.

1. Inserting The Appliance

First run the appliance under warm running water. Place the appliance into your mouth with the blue upper splint onto your upper teeth. Press upwards on the splint with both thumbs to ensure that it fits securely and comfortably.

2. Seating The Lower Splint

Slide your lower jaw forward until it locates into the green lower splint then press down on both sides of the splint using your index fingers to ensure that it fits securely.


Always remove the lower green splint first. Using your thumbs on both sides under the edge of the splint, gently push the lower splint up and remove it. To remove the upper Blue upper splint, gently pull down with both your index fingers and thumbs and remove it.

When you remove the splint in the morning your bite may temporarily feel slightly different. The bite tab will help you relax your muscles. Place it between your upper and lower front teeth and move your lower jaw back until the feeling of tension dissipates.

It is recommended that you use the bite tab every morning for at least 10 minutes to help return your jaw to its pre snoring
device position.

Important: Always clean your appliance after each use. Use Cal Dent cleaning sachets once a week.

Instructions For Use & Care of Device

Titration Instructions

If after a week of wearing your appliance you are still experiencing episodes of snoring your device may need to be adjusted or titrated to bring your lower jaw further forward. In this case, please contract The Sleep Guardian and will will arrange to replace the titration arms
to further advance your lower jaw to stop your snoring.

Cleaning The Appliance

We recommend the following procedure for cleaning your appliance. In the morning, after you remove the appliance, rinse under lukewarm running water and clean it thoroughly with a toothbrush. After cleaning, dry it and store in the container provided. Keep the appliance and container out of direct sunlight. Follow these steps every day. Use Cal Dent Cleaning Sachets once a week.

Warnings For Cleaning

Toothpaste may damage your oral sleep appliance. Never use hot or boiling water! Hot or boiling water damages your oral sleep appliance and this will invalidate the warranty.

Repair Of Damaged Devices

Damaged or broken devices must not be used. Continuing use may cause injury. Contact The Sleep Guardian immediately and we will arrange for your oral sleep appliance to be repaired by an expert. For repairs and warranty claims always contact The Sleep Guardian