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How To Use The AM Repositioner

Please carefully read the these instructions on the correct use and care of your AM Repositioner.

Regular usage of oral sleep devices may lead to an increased incidence of forward posturing of the lower jaw and may lead to an advanced occlusion over time. Therefore, it is recommended that you perform some isometric contraction of the muscles regularly.

The AM Repositioner is a bite deprogrammer designed to help return your lower jaw to its normal position. The design of the AM Repositioner has raised blocks of material, placed directly above the bicuspids; directing all clenching forces straight down towards the
roots. When the exercise is performed correctly, you will benefit from isometric contraction of the muscles.

The AM Repositioner is a hands-free device. You can utilise the appliance while going about a normal morning routine such as taking a shower. In order to be proactive and help minimise the risk of permanent posturing forward, it is strongly recommended that you
perform these clenching exercises every morning upon removal of your MAS anti-snoring device. It is important not to chew or grind on the AM Repositioner, as this will harm the material and not achieve the desired effect.

1. Upon removal of any sleep oral device, place the AM Repositioner onto your lower teeth.

2. Place the tip of your tongue as far back on the roof of your mouth as you can. While the tongue is in this position, close down onto the AM Repositioner.

3. Keeping your mouth closed in this position, you can now relax your tongue.

4. Clench as firmly as you can and hold this clench until it becomes uncomfortable to do so. Please note that it is expected that you will feel some discomfort in the muscles as this is normal.

5. When you can no longer stand the discomfort, release the jaw pressure slightly while trying to slide your lower jaw further back. Once again, clench as hard and as long as you can.

6. After performing a couple of clenching exercises, it is recommended that you open your mouth as wide as you can and move your lower jaw from side to side to help relax the muscles.

7. Repeat steps 2 through 5, time permitting. Ideally, these clenching exercises should be performed for about ten minutes, every morning.

Cleaning The Appliance

We recommend the following procedure for cleaning your AM Repositioner appliance:

In the morning, after removing the appliance, rinse it under cold running water and clean it thoroughly with a toothbrush everyday.

After cleaning the AM Repositioner, dry it and store in the container provided. Keep the appliance and container away from direct sunlight. Use Cal Dent cleaning sachets once a week.

Warnings For Cleaning

Toothpaste may damage your oral appliance. Never use hot or boiling water! Hot or boiling water damages your Sleep Guardian oral appliance and this will invalidate the warranty.

Repair of Damaged Devices

Damaged or broken devices must not be used. Continuing use may cause injury. Contact The Sleep Guardian immediately and we will arrange for your oral appliance to be repaired by an expert. For repairs and warranty claims always contact The Sleep Guardian immediately.