The Process

A custom night guard provides your teeth with the best protection against grinding or clenching when you sleep.

Step 1

Order Your Kit

Order your kit online and we’ll deliver it to your door within a few days.

Step 2

Take Your Impression

Watch the video below to learn how to take your impression.

Unsure of your impression, send us a photo at and our team will carefully analyse your impression for you.

If you have ordered the 3mm, Soft/Hard (Acrylic Bite Platform) you will need to take a lower jaw impression - a second impression tray, putty, and catalyst has been included in your kit.

Step 3


Place it in the zip lock bag provided, seal your impression box with the stickers included, and pop it in your nearest Australia Post box (red or yellow), or drop it off at the post office. The reply-paid sticker on the base of the box has all the details required to get it to our lab.

Don't worry, If your impression is not quite right the first time, we'll send more putty out to you so you can try again until you get it just right and we can move on to the next step.

Step 4


We manufacture your custom night guard in our lab in Australia.

dental technician making a night guard in australia

Step 5


You will receive your finished night guard within a 5-9 business days of us receiving your impression.

The Knight Guard works by providing a protective layer and cushioning between your two sets of teeth as it fits to your top layer. The durability of the material ensures the constant back and forth motion of teeth grinding (also known as bruxism) and the heavy pressure of clenching, takes the impact of these damaging actions.

A custom-fitted night guard far surpasses the humble “boil and bite” guards that are readily available. The Dental Health Foundation and the Australian Dental Association strongly recommend taking dental impressions of your teeth in order to treat teeth grinding and its effects properly - “boil and bite” products just do not suffice. A mould of your teeth means an individually-designed guard can be manufactured, giving your teeth and bones the best chance of protection against bruxism.


Customer Testimonials

Real life testimonies from our customers

Awesome company to deal with!

Got my kit quickly, very easy to do the mould at home, and only a week or so later got my mouthguard back. I was completely used to sleeping with it in within 2 nights, it's very comfortable. I am yet to grind my teeth since, so happy days!


What a pleasure to deal with such a professional company.

The original product I asked for was found not to be suitable for me. A technician called to explain why and recommended a better (and cheaper) product that would be better suited. They dispatched my goods quickly and followed up with another call to make sure I was happy with what I had received. I could not be happier. The product fits and works perfectly. So nice to see a business put honesty and integrity before profits.


I've had the best sleep I've experienced in many years.

THANK YOU KNIGHT GUARD!!! I'm a severe grinder & purchased the 3mil guard - so unbelievable comfortable! I have woken after 7hrs of continuous sleep with no sore neck, tight jaw muscles or template headache. Absolute miracle! Great service, fast, professional & friendly, however the best part is I just saved myself around $2,500 that I was quoted recently from a dentist! Please thank norman & the technicians.