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About Our Sleep Guardian Device

About The Silensor-sl® Anti-Snoring Device 

The Silensor-sl® anti-snoring device is a trademark of and was designed by ERKODENT®, a German dental technology company.

The device aims to put a stop to snoring while remaining comfortable and nonintrusive while you sleep. It comprises two dental splints - a blue upper and green lower - with the lower splint holding the jaw in a slightly advanced position by 2 adjustable connectors on the sides of the device. By advancing the lower jaw, the airways are kept open which reduces the vibration of tissues in the back of the mouth which causes snoring. 

Studies have shown the effectiveness of mandibular advancement splints (MAS), including the very comfortable Silensor-sl. The expansion of the pharyngeal area reduces its tendency to collapse and the apnea / hypopnea index (AHI) by up to 50%. The also slowed down airflow reduces snoring by up to 80%.

The Silensor-sl® has a long and successful track record in treating snoring, having helped over 4 million people stop snoring, and is our preferred MAD design due to comfort, wearer compliance, and the lack of metals and acrylic in the design. The product is also latex, methyl methacrylate, and BPA-free. 

The Silensor-sl® anti-snoring device and MAS treatment are the preferred choice of dental and medical practitioners, and sleep specialists in treating snoring. 

About The Sleep Guardian

Traditionally, a custom-made anti-snoring device was expensive to purchase. That's where The Sleep Guardian is different. We custom make your device from impressions you take with the Home Impression Kit and then ship the final product to you. 

illustration of anti-snoring mouthpiece improving airflow

Illustration shows how our anti-snoring device, the Silensor-sl®, works by advancing your lower jaw. 

Our anti-snoring mouth guards are custom-made by qualified dental technicians in our state-of-the-art dental lab in Melbourne, Australia. 

home impression kit for the sleep guardian anti snoring device

This is our convenient Home Impression Kit. It contains impression trays and putty for both your upper and lower jaw. Watch this video on how to take your impression.

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Made by Impression Healthcare Limited: an ASX-listed dental manufacturing company with a reputation for affordable, quality dental devices. You may have heard of our other brands Gameday Mouthguards, The Knight Guard, and Instant Teeth Whitening.

Sleep easy knowing your custom anti-snoring mouth guard is made from quality materials by our team of experienced dental technicians. Our aim is to ensure you can access reliable custom-made dental devices at a very competitive price.

Don’t let snoring destroy your sleep or well-being any longer. Order an anti-snoring mouth guard today and you could be sleeping easy in no time.

The Silensor-sl® is a trademark of ERKODENT®.