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Anti-Snoring Device Cleaning Pack

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The Anti-Snoring Device Cleaning Pack Includes the following - 

1 x Sonic Cleaning Device 

1 x Dental Cleaning Brush

4 x Cleaning Sachets

See the description of each item below.

The Sonic Denture Cleaning Machine is a revolutionary new machine that uses vibration to remove stains, tartar, odours and food in just 15 minutes. No need for overnight soakings. Leaves your anti-snoring device sparkling clean - effortlessly. Use with Cal-Dent cleansing tablets.

The Dental Cleaning Brush is specifically designed for cleaning your anti-snoring device and has bristles arranged to fit the shape of your anti-snoring device.

We recommend you clean your anti-snoring device with a cleansing tablet once a week. Cal-Dent denture cleaning tablets are our favourite. 

Add the Cleaning Sachets to your Sonic Cleaning Device water for best possible results, followed by a scrub using the Dental Cleaning Brush.