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What Health Issues Can Be Caused By Lack Of Sleep?

What Health Issues Can Be Caused By Lack Of Sleep?

There is a reason that all of us at The Knight Guard are concerned about whether our customers are getting enough sleep, that’s because working in the industry we know the importance of a good night's sleep. What many Australians are unaware of is the health related issues that you are at risk of if you are consistently not getting enough quality sleep. So today, we are going to shed some light on what happens when you don’t get the sleep your body needs.

Lack of memory:

Sleep is a crucial element to your brain storing memories. At night whilst you sleep your brain is able to work to consolidate experiences and learning from the day. Not getting enough sleep you may forget information you’ve learnt or forget various moments throughout the day.

Cognitive Function:

A lack of sleep affects the way your brain is able to function. It will implicate your ability to make decisions. You will also find it difficult to pay attention to things, you will become less alert, concentrating, reasoning and problem solving will also become difficult. It is because of this that many on road accidents occur as a result of lack of sleep as reaction time and other cognitive functions as discussed are compromised. Not to mention, people not getting enough sleep are typically more grumpy and irritable!


Lack of sleep is closely linked with depression. Many studies have found that those suffering from lack of sleep or insomnia are upto 5 times more likely to develop depression.


A well rested body is crucial in being able to fight off sickness and get over sickness faster. There is a reason when you aren’t feeling well you get told to rest. Disease and infection-fighting antibodies and cells are decreased when one isn’t getting enough sleep, therefore putting you at a higher risk of developing sickness or disease when you are tired and run down.  

Weight Gain:

Lack of sleep makes you feel tired and can affect your bodies cravings and appetite for foods. Not enough sleep changes the foods you crave as you are more likely to opt for high fat and high carbohydrate foods when you have had less than 6 hours of sleep a night.

Long term effects of sleep deprivation include:

High blood pressure is something that can occur even after just one night of insufficient sleep. This is because when you sleep your body is able to regulate the stress hormone which increases blood pressure. Therefore, lack of sleep will result in higher blood pressure which can lead to obvious implicated for your heart such as heart attack and stroke due to increased strain and pressure on the heart and further complications such as heart disease, heart failure or diabetes.

This article is not to scare anybody but to remind you to prioritise your sleep if you are finding you are regularly missing out enough quality sleep. So make sure you are getting those 8 hours and wake up ready every morning!

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