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Is Snoring Damaging Your Relationship?

Is Snoring Damaging Your Relationship?

We all know that snoring can be an inconvenience. It can even be downright frustrating and annoying. It can keep you and/or your partner from getting enough sleep, and it can affect almost every aspect of your day to day life.

But did you know that snoring can also damage your relationships?

In an article that was recently published on, a man named Keith opened up about how snoring had adversely affected his relationship with his girlfriend – to the point that it was putting a strain on their intimacy.

The 34 year old started dating his 24 year old girlfriend Jenny after meeting her through his workplace – but it quickly became apparent that his snoring was going to be a problem. At first, the couple just joked about it – but it eventually got to where they slept in separate beds.

On a vacation, while staying in a hotel, he was even forced to sleep in the bathtub, just so that his snoring wouldn’t keep her up all night.

“She was my best friend first and foremost and our relationship really developed out of that, but it wasn’t until we started going out that she became aware that I was a loud snorer,” Keith told

According to the latest statistics, about 75% of adults in Britain snore, and about 54% of snorers also have a partner who snores. But the statistic that really surprised us was this one... 38% of married or cohabitating couples
sometimes sleep apart due to snoring.

This type of thing can certainly take its toll on the relationship.

Why Would Snoring Hurt Your Relationship?

Intimacy before, during, and after sleep is a crucial part of any romantic relationship. In fact, an article that was published on had this to say about cuddling and how significant it is to successful relationships.

“Sharing sleep with your lover is an easy way to get over stressful situations with each other and form a close bond without saying a word. A growing pool of research proves that not only is sleeping while wrapped up in our significant other’s arms helpful to reducing stress, but it also helps our relationships flourish and blossom into the beautiful unions we’re all capable of having.”

But this isn’t necessarily a new idea. Everyone knows that intimacy is important in a relationship. But snoring can have a detrimental effect on this super-important aspect of our human connection... especially if it causes us to have to sleep apart from our partner.

Snoring is, unfortunately, very common. And so are the problems that it creates.
But you don’t have to just accept them.

You absolutely have the power to take control of your life and cure your snoring problems. It might take a bit of effort, research, and determination, but there are a number of products on the market that could help you.

We actually review all kinds of these types of products right here on our website. By browsing through our reviews, you can take advantage of our research and begin the process of finding an anti-snoring remedy that’s right for you.

Make no mistake – snoring isn’t always easy to cure. But it certainly isn’t impossible, and a lot of people who try to cure it are successful – as long as they continue to search for the right solution for them.

Every snoring problem is just a little bit different – which means that not every solution works the same for everyone.

It’s all about research, fact-finding, and a little bit of old-fashioned trial and error.
Don’t despair. You will be able to find a snoring solution that’s right for you if you try hard enough.


Published On May 2, 2017 | By Joshua Sigafus | Snoring Devices Australia

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