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How To Stop Snoring Naturally

How To Stop Snoring Naturally

A lot of us snore – but most of us would probably rather that we didn’t! Snoring has a way of disrupting our normal sleeping schedules/patterns, and contributes a great deal to sleep loss. In our modern world, we really can’t afford to be any more sleep-deprived than we already are – so what can you do about your snoring habit without spending a bunch of extra money on remedies or devices to help?

As it turns out, there are a number of natural snoring remedies that might help to do the trick – and in this article, we’re going to discuss some of our favourites.


Exercising, losing weight, and getting into better shape is the number-one natural method for stopping a snoring problem. The obvious problem here is that it can take a little while to see results – though they will be well-worth it when they finally do arrive!

Losing weight and getting into shape can help because snoring is usually caused by fatty tissue in the throat. When this tissue relaxes, it obstructs the airway – causing soft palate vibrations, which are what cause the ‘snoring’ sounds
that we have learned to hate so much!

The good news is that losing weight can help, because when you reduce the amount of fatty tissue around the neck, you also reduce your odds of having your airway obstructed during periods of rest.

Stop smoking and drinking!

Believe it or not, alcohol and cigarettes can do a lot to undermine your attempts to stop snoring. Cigarettes obviously mess with your lungs, sinus passages, and overall ability to breathe clearly – and alcohol further relaxes the muscles in the throat, making soft palate vibration even more likely.

If you are interested in stopping your snoring problem naturally, then giving up cigarettes is probably the main first step that you should consider. Alcohol, at least within a few hours of bedtime, is also a good thing to discontinue.

Drink more water!

Believe it or not, your fluid intake can impact your snoring problem a lot. When you become dehydrated, your mucus becomes stickier – which can mean an increase in the odds that you’ll experience snoring during the evening.

A good rule of thumb to remember about fluid intake is this – men require about 16 cups of water per day (in all food and drinks), and women need about 11.
Any less than this, and you may begin to experience symptoms of dehydration – one of which can be snoring!

Try not to sleep on your back

Sometimes, the solution to snoring may be as simple as changing positions! When you sleep on your back, your tongue is much more likely to fall backwards and impede your air intake. The same is true of key tissues in the back of
the throat.

Sleeping on your side, however, can mitigate these dangers, and can decrease your odds of suffering from soft-palate vibration while you’re trying to rest.
If you’re having trouble sleeping on your side because you keep rolling onto your back, try sewing some tennis balls to the back of your nightshirt!


Use Honey

Honey has many anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduce swelling in and around the throat. When mixed with some warm water or herbal tea, it can do wonders to help decrease constriction in your airway.

For best results, mix one tablespoon of honey into a cup of your favorite herbal tea, and drink it an hour or two before bedtime. Alternatively, you can simply mix the honey into a glass of warm water and consume it that way.

There are also some anti-snoring herbal teas on the market, though these may or may not help you – depending on which teas you purchase and how severe your snoring problem is. The same is true of honey. Honey can help, but it isn’t always enough to counter the problem on its own.

Losing weight, quitting smoking, and not drinking alcohol close to bedtime are probably the top ways to stop snoring naturally... but combining more than one method can also drastically improve your chances for success!


Published On December 11, 2016 | By SDA Editorial Staff | About Snoring

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