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How To Sleep With Someone Who Snores

How To Sleep With Someone Who Snores

What to do if you sleep with someone who snores

Snoring is a condition that most people will need to deal with at one point or another. If you’re lucky and never develop or endure a snoring problem of your own, then you will doubtlessly encounter it in other people. And when those ‘other people’ include a sleeping-partner, you may find that getting adequate sleep will go from being easy to downright challenging! You might even find it impossible to sleep with someone who snores.

But how can you overcome the problem?
Thankfully, there are some tips and tricks that you can utilize to help you move past it – and in this blog post, we are going to review some of the most commonly successful strategies.

Go to bed earlier than your partner

Going to bed a half-hour earlier than your snoring partner might help you to fall asleep before the snoring starts. This obviously won’t work with everyone, and it might be problematic if you already have trouble falling asleep on a regular basis.
But for people who can pretty consistently fall asleep when they want (and stay asleep through their partner’s snoring), this could be a very simple and effective strategy for ‘skirting around’ the problem!

Wear ear plugs

This strategy might not be possible for people who are not comfortable with the idea of wearing little bits of foam in their ears during sleep – but for others, it can be a real solution with positive results.
You can buy sleeping ear plugs at almost any retail or drug store. Simply pop them in before the snoring starts, and you should find yourself immersed in a world of silence and solitude… as opposed to a world of chain-saw-like breathing, buzzing, or wheezing.

Buy your partner an anti-snoring device

This might cost you a bit more than our first two strategies – but believe us when we say that solving the problem at the source might be the best way to fix it for the long term!

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Anti-snoring devices are available in a wide range of different styles and types. If your partner tends to snore a lot and needs some relief, then try buying them a tongue stabilization device (like the Good Morning Snore Solution) or a mandibular advancement device.
Some people also find that stop snoring chinstraps and nasal strips help them a lot. You might need to buy a product or two to really figure out what works – but figuring out the problem and getting to sleep without having to worry about more snoring in the future is totally worth it!

Put on some ambient music or turn on a fan

Sometimes, putting on some gentle music, nature sounds, or a buzzing fan can do a lot of good to cover up the noise caused by a snoring partner. Actually, a lot of people prefer to have ambient noise going on in the background while they sleep anyway, which would explain why some people love to sleep during thunderstorms!
This technique might not be for everyone, but it may do the trick if you tend to be one of these ambient-friendly sleepers who find relaxation in gentle, calming sounds!

Get your partner to sleep on their side

This might be one of the simplest tricks in the book. And yet, surprisingly, it tends to work quite well!
Snoring is generally worse when the person is sleeping on their back, because this allows gravity to exert more force on the soft palate and throat tissue… causing the throat to partially collapse in on itself. This generates a vibration as the air moves through the smaller airway – which is what makes the sounds that have come to be known as ‘snoring.’
One simple way to bypass the issue (sometimes, anyway) is to help your partner to sleep on their side instead of on their back. You can do this by helping them to prop themselves up on pillows, or even by attaching tennis balls to the back of their night-shirt.
Such a small difference might not help to alleviate every case of snoring – but it can make a surprising bit of difference for some people!

Published On February 16, 2017 | By SDA Editorial Staff | About Snoring

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