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Helped Over 4 Million Snorers

The Silensor-sl® has helped millions of people, world-wide, stop snoring.

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Manufactured by qualified Dental Technicians at our state-of-the-art dental lab in Australia.

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The Silensor-sl® anti-snoring device is a proven treatment for snoring. In fact, according to studies a custom-made Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) is almost 3 times more effective at treating snoring than ready-made, over-the-counter devices.

The way the Silensor-sl® anti-snoring device works, is by gently advancing the lower jaw and opening up the airways while you sleep. This decreases the vibration of the tissues in the back of the throat, and thus stops snoring. A custom-made device is made to comfortably fit your mouth, without inhibiting on a good night’s sleep. And that’s what treating snoring is all about - providing you and your partner with quality sleep and improving your quality of life.

This is why the Silensor-sl® has helped millions of people stop snoring, and MAD treatment has helped millions more world-wide. 

Visit The Science of Treating Snoring page of this site for references and more studies. 

The Silensor-sl® is a trademark of ERKODENT®. 


Soooooo we bought this 2 weeks ago but my boyfriend is fifo. So i haven't had him next to me. 
His snoring is normally so bad that i wear bose noise cancelling head phones.
First night home and he is laying next to me and he is so much quieter. That even the cat is on the bed. 
Thank you. Snoring reduced by 90% 


My wife has complained about my snoring for years. The human chainsaw she called me! 

Well, that was then. Ever since I started wearing one of these Sleep Guardian snoring things I barely snore at all. It's done the job. And I'm use to sleeping in it now.

Jack, QLD